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11/7/2018 6:42:22 AM

The Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority says the area encompassing its jurisdiction is experiencing a Level One Minor Drought. Water Management Supervisor Gord Mountenay says tributary flows and levels in the Mississippi River itself remain below normal. 13 cubic meters per second (cms) is the average for this time of year, but the current flow sits at 6 cms, or less than 50 percent of normal. The MVCA is suggesting everyone within the Mississippi and Carp River watersheds as well as residents on private wells inside the City of Ottawa boundary should exercise conservation measures. Those who have permits for taking water from surface or groundwater sources are encouraged to reduce their actual taking as much as possible. Residents are strongly urged not to use potable water for building ice rinks, and should avoid using pressure washers to clean houses, driveways, decks and fences. Municipalities may have invoked, or be contemplating invoking water restrictions, so check your municipality's website. Daily water levels and flows are available on the MVCA website at If you are experiencing difficulty with your well due to the drought conditions, let the MVCA know so they can keep track of the situation, or complete a survey form from the Authority's website,    

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