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10/9/2018 7:36:33 AM

The great smell of turkey dinner from grandma's oven is one thing to anticipate on Thanksgiving weekend but no one looks forward to missing the aroma of Wes' Chips in Arnprior. The Valley institution annually wraps up business the second weekend in October, and Oldies 107.7 was on hand to say so long. One of the final visitors to the Madawaska Boulevard chip wagon hailed from the nation's capital. She felt pretty good about her visit.

It had been a busy final day serving everyone wanting those final fries, but our Ottawa friend persevered, rolling up three minutes shy of closing. And just as the Oldies production crew was packing up its equipment and driving off for the season, yet one final customer made it under the wire at thirty seconds to seven, proving Valley folk never tire of those famous golden handcut fries.

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