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9/18/2018 3:52:57 PM

Joe Kawalski would like to see a national park right here in the Ottawa Valley.

The owner of Wilderness Tours says this has been a dream of his for 30 years because this area needs to be preserved.

The idea is to create the park on the islands between Quebec and Whitewater Region, and link the land masses through suspension bridges.

Kowalski says this project is so important to him.


He adds that the river is not only spectacular, but it's historal and it's the heart and soul of the Ottawa Valley.

Kowalski was at the county's development and property committee September 11th to present the idea and to ask Alastair Baird, the county's economic development officer to sit on the committee.

Pontiac council unanimously supported the idea at it's August meeting, and the D&P committee approved passing the idea along to seek approval at council later this month.

Kowalksi says he hopes that the river will unite Quebec and Ontario and so will bringing Whitewater National Park to life, and he belives this project will be as beneficial as the fur trade and logging was in this area, but will enhance the resources rather than deplete them.

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