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Welcome to The Oldies $50,000 Birthday Match!

It’s the radio game you were literally born to win!

It’s easy to play!!

1. Fill out our entry form below.
2. Tune in to Oldies for your chance to play!

We play Monday to Friday 3 times a day at 9:10am, 1:10pm and 5:10pm!

When we call your name, you’ll have 10 minutes to call us back at

1-888-668-0967 to play.

We have our official online verification site that will generate a random birthday

with the month the date and the year.

(eg. May 23, 1982.)

If your birthday matches the Month, Date and Year you win

$50,000 CASH!!

If not, you’re entered to win a $3,000 travel voucher to go anywhere you want!

Tell a friend or 20!

The Oldies $50,000 Birthday Match could make you $50,000 richer!

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