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8/7/2018 3:04:38 PM

With the impending legalization of marijuana quickly approaching, our news team is taking a look at how police forces are preparing. One of the biggest concerns is how drug impaired driving laws will be enforced, as the OPP has acknowledged that they expect the number of drug impaired drivers to increase. Upper Ottawa Valley OPP detachment Commander, Steph Neufeld says this isn't a new charge coming in with the legalization of weed.


Neufeld adds that it's all about preparing for the law change, which will be a collaborative effort.


Neufeld says the OPP will play a significant role and it will involve alot of training for all members of the force. He adds that they're looking at joint training with the RCMP, and more officers will need to become drug recognition experts to identify drug-impaired drivers. This is an intensive, multi-week course that isn't offered in Ontario. Neufeld says that to start off, they want one officer per shift to be a DRE officer, but if they're in a pinch, they can call in help from officers in other detachment areas.

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