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7/9/2018 7:39:01 AM

Lanark County is out to prove itself a responsible steward of Community Forests. Back in 2011 following extensive public review, councillors approved a 20-year plan of forest management for the 4600 hectares of land contained in its forty wooded properties. Theses were properties bought by the county from 1938 to 1987. They consist of tracts of natural forest, treed plantations in former farmland, and lakes and wetlands. The 2011 master plan was divided into five-year segments, and the first of these expired in 2017. At the Lanark County Council meeting of June 27th the Community Forest Five-Year Operating Plan for 2018-2022 was ratified. This follows dialogue with the Community Forest Working Group. The wooded lands are managed by the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority and, in order for the Community Forest to pay its own freight, thinning and harvesting activities will continue over the coming five-year term.   For more information, contact Jonathan Allen, Facilities Coordinator, at the County of Lanark.

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