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4/16/2018 5:41:53 PM


Flags flying high in Mississippi Mills isn't sitting well with some residents.

The municipality didn't lower flags last week in honour of the victims, which caused some residents to voice their displeasure.

Oldies 107.7 has a call in to Mississippi Mills Mayor Shaun McLaughlin, who has yet to get back to us-- but the Mayor has written about the issue on-line.

McLaughlin says he did not have authority to alter the town's flag display policy on his own initiative due to the town's Municipal Flag Policy which calls for flags to be lowered during a period of Official Mourning, and is a decision made by the Mayor and Chief Adminstrative Officer or Clerk in consultation.

On the town's Facebook page today (Monday) a post was made saying "In light of this tragedy, and in response to the passion expressed within the community, staff will be reviewing the current Municipal Flag Policy and making recommendations to include provisions that would take into consideration tragedies such as this one."

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