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3/12/2018 8:35:32 AM

An extension of the trauma bypass protocol is good news for Renfrew County residents. The province's trauma bypass protocol is that if a trauma centre is within a 30 minutre drive, as long as the patient has a clear airway, no breathing problems and are not in the midst of or about to have a heart attack, the ambulance can bypass a community hospital and head straight to the trauma centre. Trauma co-ordinator for The Ottawa Hospital, Mathieu LeBreton, was at Renfrew County's health committee meeting on Wednesday (Mar 7) and he says this doesn't change the number of patients being seen in trauma centre, it just means patients arrive quicker.


Renfrew County's chief of paramedic services, Mike Nolan, was part of the consultation process, and he says the change in bypass protocol impacts the county.


Last year was the first for this change and it will continue to be monitored closely, but LeBreton says the hope is that this becomes the new provincial mandate once it's proven.

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